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KZY Crew

Tom Lucas

Co-host of the KZY Morning Show.

Tom Lucas

Tom Lucas is a Chicago-area native and 30 plus year radio survivor, on KZY since 1999. He has degrees in English, Psychology and Speech Communications from St. Cloud State University, and took a respite from broadcasting to teach high school English and American history. He is currently the Head Coach of the Bemidji High School Speech Team, and holds a position on the Board of Bemidji’s Paul Bunyan Playhouse. Tom says he is definitely a "morning person", as he tends to get cranky and contrary after work.


Tom's eclectic musical tastes run from Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen, to Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett , Ray Charles, plus the great song writers He lists "Good Thing Going" by Sinatra among his favorite songs, "The Verdict" and "Casablanca" among his favorite movies, and "Lancelot Link" and "Me and the Chimp" starring the Great Ted Bessel, among his favorite TV shows.


Since Tom is a Viking and Cub fan, he believes all professional sports are "dumb" and "probably rigged."


Tom spends his summers fishing , landscaping, golfing poorly, and gardening moderately.

Kev Jackson

Co-host of KZY’s Morning Show.

Kev Jackson

Program Director, producer of "Fishin' Paul Bunyan Country" and former play-by-play announcer of Bemidji High School sports.


Kev was born in San Bernadino, CA. A future as a surfer dude was dashed when his Dad decided to move back to Minnesota, where the family settled in to the tiny hamlet of Red Lake Falls.


After high school, it became apparent that he had no future in the two things he loved: athletic competition and musical performance. He thought about becoming a monk, but remembered he wasn't Catholic.


Then as he listened to the hits on WLS (at night of course), KKKL in Grand Forks, and KQWB in Fargo, he realized he could play music and talk sports for a living. So a passion for radio was born. Of course, once into broadcasting, he realized that the making a living part was dicey at best. But, we digress.


Kev attended Bemidji State University for four years, graduating in 1985 with a degree in Mass Communications. He then did some part time radio work before getting his first full time job in Roseau at KRWB, where he did sports, news, on-air "deejaying" and even sales.


While in Roseau, he met the love of his life, Nicole, and brainwashed her into marrying him. Shortly after that, Kev got the opportunity to move back to Bemidji and become the play-by-play voice of the Lumberjacks. He’s been back for 26 years.


After a dozen years of following many Lumberjack teams to exotic locales all over our great state, Kev became (and still is) the Program Director and Morning Show co-host with the legendary Tom Lucas on 95.5 KZY when it signed on in 1999. He also roams the hallways and does sports updates on all of the Paul Bunyan Broadcasting stations. He continues to serve as Program Director of The Bun (as well as 104.5 The True Oldies Channel).


Kev and Nicole have three children (Jake, Kaila & Mollie), one grandson (Sebastian) and Jack the Dachshund.


FAVORITE MOVIE(S) OF ALL TIME: Casablanca, Groundhog Day, The Truman Show, National Treasure (if they are on... I watch 'em).


FAVORITE SPORTS MOVIE: So many great ones... Miracle, Field of Dreams, The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh... but I gotta go with Hoosiers (Hey, I'm from Red Lake Falls – it resonates).


FAVORITE TV SHOW(S) OF ALL TIME: Andy Griffith Show, Twilight Zone (still watch the reruns)


WHAT YOU’RE WATCHING ON TV NOW: Right now? Probably a SpongeBob rerun. Actually, anything on DIY, Warehouse 13, Fringe (thanks to Netflix), and Portlandia


Heidi Boyd

Middays 10AM – 2:00PM

Heidi Boyd


Heidi was born and raised in Shakopee back when it was still a "small town". The youngest of five, she always got in trouble for talking too much...now she makes it her living!


Heidi studied cosmetology out of high school – another good career for a "professional talker" - she owned a salon in Burnsville for a few years before joining her husband, Pizza Man Dan, in their pizza business. They lived in the town of Lakeville since 1994, were married in 1997 and eventually migrated to the Bemidji area after "visiting" for several years..they came for the fishing and stayed for life! ;)


Heidi has a stepson, Andrew, and a grandson, Jacob; two kitties, Tommi and Smokey (adopted from the Beltrami Humane Society), and an 80 pound Labradoodle, Jesse.


A fan of ANYTHING outdoors, she'd rather be lost in the woods than found at home! When not out hunting or "getting lost", ANY season of fishing warms her heart! (Not that she'd ever brag, but her biggest walleye so far: 28'5"). As far as sports, what's not to like? Her preferences: baseball, hockey & football, but not necessarily in that order. And, don't even MENTION playing games – board games, dice, cards – doesn't matter….she loves 'em all!


Favorite quotes: "You've got two lives - one you're given, the other one you make." AND ... "Make it a GREAT day, or not...remember the choice is up to you."


Heidi's personal comment: This community is truly amazing and very dear to my heart. I can see why it draws so many people, and why people stay once they are here! I am SO proud to be part of the Paul Bunyan Broadcasting Family...I feel like I am "home" again!
Thanks to ALL of our listeners - KEEP SMILING AND ENJOY LIFE!


FAVORITE MOVIES OF ALL TIME: Uncle Buck, Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory - the original one, Goodfellas and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band.




WHAT YOU'RE WATCHING ON TV NOW: The ID Network...any true life, forensic, cold case, investigative show AND - GSN - "Play Everyday Baby!" ;)


FAVORITE SONG: Gone, Gone, Gone - Phillip Phillips and anything from Jimmy Buffet....Fins Up


Sam Sargent

Afternoon Drive, 2:00-6:00PM

Sam Sargent

Sam "sarge" Sargent has been w/Paul Bunyan Broadcasting for nearly 30yrs.


Sam is a local boy, graduating from Bemidji High School and attended Bemidji State University.


He would like his "Fans" to know he's an avid sports fan, but his passion runs deep when it comes to hockey, and in saying that, he has had two relatives play hockey professionally.


Sam is the father of two beautiful daughters and on handsome son, grandpa to four amazing grandchildren.


He currently resides in Cass Lake with his fiancé Mel O'Brien, where he enjoys cook outs, concerts and family get-togethers.


Sam is an enrolled member of the Leech Lake band of Ojibwe, and serves as a board member of the Cass Lake Chamber, where he participates in many community events.


Listen to Sam on weekday afternoons from 2:00-7:00 on KZY 95.5 and Saturdays 12:00-6:00 on continuous country KB101.


Favorite Movies--anything with Al Pacino or Robert Deniro


Favorite Musicians--Blake Shelton, George Strait, Kenny Chesney


Favorite TV show---Duck Dynasty, Deadliest Catch & Keeping up with the Kardashians

Mark Anderson

(known as “Marvelous Mark Anderson” to everyone at Paul Bunyan Broadcasting.) Mark wears many hats at Paul Bunyan Broadcasting and can step in whenever needed to cover an air shift.


Mark Anderson

Mark was born and raised in Effie, MN. After attending Bemidji State University, Mark took a “temporary” job with Paul Bunyan Broadcasting in 1984 that has yet to end.


Mark lives out in the woods with his wife, two children and a menagerie of animals.


FAVORITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME: Muppet Movie, Blues Brothers, Dr. Who.


FAVORITE TV SHOW: No favorite … I just keep flipping channels looking…


FAVORITE SONG: Won’t get fooled again.


Dave Brooks

Born and raised in Minnesota, Dave got his start at Bemidji State University where he graduated with a communications degree and was featured on the campus station, KBSB. He then moseyed across town where he began work at Paul Bunyan Broadcasting where he worked his way into afternoon drive on KB101! The man faces sleep depravation as he anchors the overnight portion of the yearly Radiothon to prevent child abuse! He can also be heard on KZY, especially beneath a fully-lit and rotating disco ball!

Dave Brooks Dave also spends some time helping the Lakeland Television team with their nightly newscasts behind, and occasionally in front of the camera. He has even been known to pick up a spatula in the Lakeland kitchen from time to time.


Mr. Brooks is active in the community serving the Bemidji Jaycees and even helps the rollergirls of the Babe City Rollers. He visits the Brainerd lakes area regularly to spend time with friends and family. He loves his sports, Halloween and keeping a ninja death-grip on his inner kid. Honestly, we now KNOW there is something wrong with him.


FAVORITE MOVIE OF ALL TIME: Can anyone with such broad interests and great taste have just one? There is a list that includes (but is not limited to) Shawshank Redemption, Back to the Future Trilogy, L.A. Story and certain sci-fi adventures featuring light sabers and pointy-eared Vulcans….


FAVORITE TV SHOW OF ALL TIME: I've been turned on to "Modern Family" and "Big Bang Theory" and am looking forward to meeting Mom on "How I Met Your Mother."


WHAT YOU’RE WATCHING ON TV NOW: Watching television while at work is counter-productive to our on-air product and distracts us from delivering our very best. Plus, they beat us if we watch TV while working. But did you know that they air Family Guy during the afternoons?


WHAT DO YOU LISTEN TO: I've square-danced in a barn to a jug band, listened to hippies rock out on a sitar, held up my lighter to McCartney, dressed formal to an opera and found myself in a mosh pit. Best concert I've ever been to though was the John Butler Trio!


Kat Nelson

Kat Nelson

Kat Nelson is a social justice warrior woman who enjoys writing poetry, singing and songwriting. She occasionally takes the stage to either sing or act for an audience, and secretly enjoys becoming a playwright once or twice a year for the Out of the Hat productions. Kat loves gardening, hiking, riding motorcycles with her boyfriend, watching horror movies and jamming out to anything 80's.


Justin Case

Justin Case

Justin was born and raised near Duluth in a small outlying community. He has been in radio for over 30 years and after graduating from Brown Institute, has worked in Brainerd, Fargo, Duluth and presently lives in Bemidji. Prior to starting his radio career, Justin obtained his private pilot's license and he grew up with the guy who would become the pilot for Aerosmith, Kiss, Ted Nugent and other celebrities. Who knew? Later, Justin gave up aviation to start training for broadcasting. He then went on to work at several stations from Fargo to Duluth and in between.

Justin enjoys riding motorcycles and watching Star Wars. In this picture, you can see he put the two together. His closest friends are colleagues in radio, Roger Houston, Owen Cash and Skip Church.


Mike Thole

Mike Thole

In his younger years Mike "McKensand" Thole realized he had long felt like a performer at heart, and beginning in junior high he was sure he had the right stuff. He also knew that if he really wanted to be taken seriously as a performer, stage or otherwise, he would need to bear in mind the essentials; first, he would have to secure a wad of duct tape, roughly the size of a small Kiwi fruit, and stick it to the end of an already flimsy fencing sword; next he would most certainly need a pair of puffy, golden pants, something a 7th century Persian MC Hammer might wear, and finally he would have to engage someone in a fight, swinging his top-heavy weapon around like a hyper-active 4 year old with a leather hiking boot tied to the end of an ice fishing pole. AND... most importantly, he must do all of this with a straight face, so, as you may have guessed, that is exactly what Michael did. He followed every one of those guidelines in his stage debut as Tybalt in a high school production of Romeo and Juliet. I won't bother you with the reviews, mainly because I don’t remember if there WERE any.


Fast Forward about a decade and a deuce later, Mike's first foray in radio came in the fall of 2010 when he lived in Mason "The Music Man put us on the map" City, IA. A radio ad aired on KCMR 97.9 stating that they were looking for volunteers, some of whom perhaps might want to try their hand at being announcers. Mike realized this kind of opportunity (a "sign" as he sometimes called it, or "the wet willie of fate" as he should have called it) would likely not fall into his lap again for a very, very long time. He knew it could mean a chance for something bigger, so he focused, worked the butterflies out of his stomach with a series of breathing and vomiting exercises, made a phone call to KCMR, tried out and was fortunate enough to be accepted into his first radio gig as an announcer, which lasted through the Fall of 2011.


The following year, having moved back up north to the Bemidji area with his wife and kids, Mike decided it was about time to do something about his calling. His mom and dad, Sandy and Ken respectively (Ken... Sandy... Ken-Sand... "McKensand"... get it!?), have always been amazingly supportive and had told Mike, since he was a young boy, that he should think about going into radio, citing that he A) already knew that radios existed and B) also had what they thought was a good radio voice. Armed with confidence, Mike walked into the studios of Paul Bunyan Broadcasting that summer and asked for an application. Long story short, Mike was lucky enough to be offered a position, broadcasting on weekends on KZY, which he continues to do and continues to love. Mike grew up and went to school in the small town of Laporte, MN. He went to college in Brainerd and then bounced around the twin cities for a few years. In his down time Mike loves to spend time with his energy explosion of a son Jude, his happy screamer baby daughter Claire, his sharp-as-a-tack step-daughter Addisen, and his wicked awesome wife Jana. He has also been known to grace a karaoke stage or two if he has the proper Leinenkugel... I mean motivation.


Favorite movie: The Deadly Mantis as treated on Minnesota's own Mystery Science Theater 3000.


Favorite TV show: Mystery Science Theater 3000.


Favorite quotes: "Surprise! It was me running the slides" –MST3K:Track of the Moon Beast "I'll be Bach!" –Something I am hoping and praying to hear Arnold Schwarzenegger say when he is asked to perform in a stage production about history's most beloved Classical and Baroque composers.

Allen Scott

Allen Scott

Allen can be heard weekends on KZY


Allen was born and raised in Aitkin, Minnesota. “To this day, the business district still has only one intersection with stoplights. Aitkin is the home of the famous Fish House Parade.” Allen began working at his hometown radio station while a sophomore in high school. Upon graduation, he enrolled in what was then named Brown Institute to further his skills in broadcasting, enjoying work as an announcer and advertising copy writer until 1994. Allen put down his headphones to attend Bemidji State University and was active in the performing arts such as BSU Theatre, Opera Night Ensemble, Bemidji Choir, and Madrigal Dinner, graduating With Honors in 1998. Allen now calls Walker, Minnesota his home after more than a decade out on the wide open prairies of North Dakota. “I’ve come back to my first love—working in radio. My second love is enjoying the hiking trails and campsites throughout the north woods.”

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